"Para mi arte es un vehiculo que connecta tu alma con frecuencias de otros planos de existencia"


Marcos Lopez is a Cuban-American composer that grew up in Las Vegas, the capital of entertainment and nightlife. While embraced mostly for an overly energetic live performance, ARIELBLAK also mastered music video production while attending The Art Institute of Las Vegas arming him with the tools to create innovative and engaging art. He has demonstrated his broad song making capabilities in the genres of EDM, Trap, and Reggaeton.

In 2017 ARIELBLAK took music as his primary medium of expression and released 3 EDM EP's titled "Carefully Crafted", "So Deep So Gone", and "X". In 2019 he released his first self produced album titled "PURPLE" and numerous singles.

Currently ARIELBLAK is workings towards expanding his fan-base; while finishing his second self-produced, first studio album and break into the major label music industry.

Official Music Videos